Tina's Story
Nov 2001-19st 10lbs
Nov 2002-11st 10lbs

For most of my diet, I'm afraid I had stuck to the plainer foods, i.e. steak, chicken, salad, cheeses, mayonnaise TOMATO KETCHUP!!! My biggest incentive was the jeans sold in BHS. You can always get into at least a size smaller than you actually are which is a big deal for us women (even if we can't sit down in them). I bought a new pair of jeans every time the 'spare tyre' didn't show above the waist line or every time I could do the next size up. I went from scratching the size 28 label off of my hanger to proudly displaying my size 12 jeans and hangers (they're very tight!!) up when I do my ironing!!

I did start cycling when I got down to about 14/15 stone and this did wonders for my legs. Sadly that stopped in the wintertime, but I'm going to start again very soon.

I guess the real bonus in this diet is the quick results and the loss of hunger which I have NEVER experienced on a diet before. I live in a small town and with constant compliments in my children's playground and the local shops I was lapping it all up on a daily basis. I still get compliments now from people in the town.

I went from being the biggest Mum in the playground, covered up with XXL T-shirts and baggy coat to NORMAL MUM. I've always had a large crowd of friends and I was very confident even at my largest, but my weight still took the edge off of outings and swimming trips when I felt like I stood out like a sore thumb.

My personality has not changed one bit either and I have no embarrassment now about how I looked and still have loads of BIG pictures for all to see. I can't ever erase the fact that I was so big and it's no use trying to pretend I wasn't. I don't understand it when my mum says 'Aren't you going to take that picture down?' I liked myself then and I like myself now - I'm just a more average shape. People always ask me how I did it and I am more than happy to keep talking until my mouth runs dry - Sadly, no one in the town has managed to keep up with this diet. Mostly they are all between 10 and 13 stone and I think that from watching me, they expect to go down to 7 stone in a matter of months - without realising that there is obviously a much slower rate of loss the nearer you are to what you should weigh. I still haven't given up on them though.

We have a place in Florida and it was only by visiting their supermarkets I realised that there were many ready made snacks, sauces, cereals and bars that I could eat to get a little more selection into my diet. That's when I returned home and did a search on my computer and came up with this EXCELLENT site

I'll gladly continue my support of the Carblife shopping offered which also has this great forum attached to provide personal experiences of these foods and will recommend it to anyone interested in this way of eating.

What this site has given me is not only the opportunity to give support to others but a great recipe selection with all the normal British Foods adjusted to a low-carb lifestyle and not the strange American ones. How great is that!

Our selection of foods has changed dramatically since joining and I've returned to looking forward to my meals rather than just forcing myself to eat them.

A great thank you to all that run this site and for all it's wonderful members that have posted so many useful tips and strong support. Well done.