Angela's Story
Feb 2002-15st 9lbs
Oct 2002-12st 7lbs

I started this WOE on 1st Feb this year and lost my first stone by 28th. I lost 6 or 7 lbs every month for the next 3 months, 4 lbs in June and 2lbs a month since then. My total weight loss is 3st 2lbs.
I have lost a total of 24". This includes 4" from my bust, 5" from my waist and 6" from my hips.

I started off wearing size 20-22 clothes from Evans, (I can take off my old jeans without undoing them) but now easily fit into M&S or Next size 16 or 14. Even squeezed into a pair of size 12 M&S stretch jeans the other day (they did look a bit tight but another few weeks and I'll be handing over the money).

I look so much better, my husband says it's like being married to a different woman - things have certainly improved and I get a lot more attention from him
I feel so much better. Apart from the headaches and tiredness at the beginning, and a couple of short bouts of constipation, I feel healthier than I have done for years. I have so much more energy, I can walk up the hill from the Indian restaurant without getting out of breath - I used to have to stop at least twice! Oh, and my kidneys are functioning fine, and I dont have diabetes!!!!!!(for you newcomers, dont be put off by the critics, there is little evidence to back up their negative claims and a lot to back up our positive ones).

Thanks all of you for reading, I just felt the need to share with anyone willing to listen (all my friends call me a diet bore - except those I have converted of course). This site has been a brilliant help to me. Even though I dont post as much as some, I still love to read how everyone else is doing, and the encoragement it great. I still have a little way to go, and will be sticking with it. For you newcomers, give it a real good try, for those hitting a stall, stay with it, the whoosh fairy will come.